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"Definitely worth the money! Kat's conviction and TESTED approaches make so much sense and you see the results! Her methods WORK, so make the investment and do it!"

"If you are just starting out with running a business or launching your brand, this is a must. It's simple yet intense training to get you on a path towards your success."

"Kat is going to give you such clear insights on how to pick your brain on content and planning, that you will have several lightbulb moments throughout the workshop."

"The content is SOLID and the focus time allows you to put everything down, out of your head and with Kat's guidance you will quickly see how you can plan months of content easily."

"This was my FIRST investment in my business and I'm SO glad I did this."

"THANK YOU for not giving us the smoke and mirrors story about your success and creating really actionable strategies for creating content."

"This is NOT your ordinary workshop. It's filled with strategies you can easily implement for your business."

"I attended in-person last year and online this year and both times I had huge ah-ha moments. The virtual workshop provides actionable steps to having a successful social media account."

"Kat’s system and way of teaching were helpful as she showed and gave real life examples on how to plan content, how to use her planner, how to collaborate with others, and more."

"Best overall social media workshop I've attended, especially if you're a beginner."

"THIS IS FOR YOU! Without question, this workshop will give you so much insight and help you take that next step up in your biz."

"I feel a burst of inspiration and am overflowing with ideas and newfound confidence in how I am showing up online!"

"Totally worth it! You will learn so much value in just 4 hours and walk away with a clear action plan."

"I’ve got a game plan and for the first time, feel like I could win at this!"

"I'm ready to take control of my plan so that I can create without feeling overwhelmed!"

"If you want to understand how to create content that resonates with your audience, this workshop is for you. I wish is that I had signed up sooner!"

"If you need an efficient, uncomplicated way to push through your content marketing block, this is it!"

"The workshop is FULL of information and will turn around your business."

"By the end of the workshop, you'll have set the first steps in your newly developed content plan. And that will motivate you to work and execute on your content plan."

"Everything Kat says is FIRE. F🔥I🔥R 🔥E🔥!!"

"Kat is the expert on content planning and gives you so much knowledge on how to do it on your own. You get 4 hours of solid information, no fluff."

"Drop what you think you know about marketing, and what has or has not worked in the past with your marketing. Kat is an expert and is walking her talk."

"Just do it! I'm mad at myself for waiting and hesitating, I wasted time."

"After the workshop, I have a wealth of knowledge and now have the tools to be able to allow me to take my business on the road to success."

"I can't tell you how good I feel knowing I invested in my business in this way. If you need help thinking through content ideas and want a community that will support you in that process, this investment is worth it.

The world of social media can feel intimidating. It's easy to fall into believing that certain myths we're told will work for your business. If you want to create a solid foundation for content marketing and connect with your audience in an authentic + creative way then you won't regret taking this class!"

"Join now if you seriously want to gain clarity and confidence in putting out quality content consistently."

"This class is going to give you everything you need and then some when it comes to planning your content. I learned an entirely new way of creating content that cannot be found anywhere else. This isn’t a fluffy 'you’re going to go viral' type of class -- this is learning the fundamentals of organically growing a successful brand."

💭 Drawing blanks on what your customers want to see?

😳 Feeling a bit embarrassed about your lack of content planning?

🔇 Hearing crickets when selling your services or products online?

📒 Is your Content Planner gathering dust?

You're in the right place.

Hey, it's Kat!

If you're:

  • Done with staring at that blank Google Doc titled, "What to Post"...
  • Over letting those genius content ideas slip through your fingers simply because you forgot to write them down...
  • Finished with empty planner pages...

After 20+ years of planning, 8 years of goal setting and +$770k in online sales later...

🙊 I'm going to let you in on my success secret:

If you want more of the right clients and customers, you need a plan.

Your Planning Partner

Ready for a high dose of clarity + expert guidance with your content?

The Content Planner Workshop

Adapted from the in-person version, The Content Planner Workshop On-Demand is an online course for business owners to master their content planning.  

Lead by Kat Gaskin, the format, unique teachings and strategies are based on Kat's 5 years of extensive experience with content creation, social media, blogging and eCommerce.  

She's been there, done that and you'll discover her exact blueprint.

This on-demand course is for:

  • eCommerce store owners
  • Service-based creatives
  • Fitness, business + wellness coaches
  • Event + wedding planners
  • Artists + makers
  • Bloggers + content creators
  • Network marketers
  • And anyone with an online business looking to share more strategic content to drive sales
The Content Planner Workshop

We’ll focus specifically on selling online, collaborations and Instagram marketing.

The Outline

Workshop Outline

In this in-depth online course, you'll learn:

  • The Basics of Content Marketing VALUE: $249
  • 9 Types of Content Marketing VALUE: $149
  • How to Maximize The Content Planner VALUE: $229
  • 4 Sources of Content Ideas VALUE: $399
  • Process for Generating Content Ideas VALUE: $497
  • 9 Types of Content You Can Share VALUE: $449
  • 4 Pillars of Recurring Content VALUE: $249
  • Leveraging Hitlists + Collaborations VALUE: $549
  • 4 Ways to Engage With Your Hitlist VALUE: $399
  • Monthly Content Planning System VALUE: $547 

🌁 Banish the brain fog.

🕸️ Clear away the content cobwebs.

😭 Stop the overwhelm of planning.

It's time to start making serious breakthroughs in your business and infuse NEW life into your marketing strategy.

Ready to feel in control of your own success?

Your Ticket


  •   Complete online training VALUE: $3,716
  • 24/7 access to course videos VALUE: $349
  • The Workshop Resource Guide VALUE: $197
  •   Access to private Facebook group VALUE: $97
  •   Connect with +500 like-minded business owners VALUE: $???

Total Value: +$4,359

And you'll pay less than 4% of that to attend.

Price: $193 $93

Plan it, post it, profit.
Your Reviews

"Life changing."

"The diversity was amazing — this was the first time I walked into a room and felt loved and welcomed from the very first second.  

The feeling of sisterhood was stronger than any other event I’ve attended. If you’re thinking about investing in this training, GO FOR IT!"  

Sudduf Wyne, @salamsudduf Founder of Muslim Market Co. 


"Kat knows exactly what she’s talking about - you can see that this is what she does every day in her own business. She gave actionable, practical advice with a tool that we all need to use.  

This is the most incredible workshop for you to finally put your content into a plan and get that profit!"  

Cher Jones, @itscherjones Social Media Trainer

"Just take my money."

“This has been a really down-to-earth learning experience. We learned then we worked. It catered to a lot of different learning styles. If you’re considering attending, COME. It’s phenomenal! I feel like a whole new, rejuvenated person."  

Laura Wallace, @thatlauraaura CEO of worx&co + The Gutsy Podcast 

"Clear, focused and excited!"

"I’m so impressed. It’s a lot of information yet Kat was so calm in her delivery. She's passionate, clear and knowledgable. I was amazed at how she barely looked at notes — you can tell she speaks what’s in her heart and that’s beautiful. Super grateful!”  

Carole Berthiaume, @nrg_rider eCommerce Brand Manager

"I felt so loved and appreciated."

"The workshop had such a welcoming and warm environment for learning — it was one of the best workshop experiences I’ve ever had!"  

Mariah Milan, @mariahmilan Wedding Photographer

"My mind is all kinds of blown."

"Exactly what I needed to keep me focused and grounded. Most importantly, I trust myself more now. Kat gave us tips then actually made us put them into ACTION."  

Jam Gamble, @iamjamgamble Speaker + #SlayerOfTheMic 

"DO IT!"

“You will feel such a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT after the workshop. Kat leaves no stone unturned -- your mind is going to be BLOWN.  

I could’ve been sitting at home watching her Instagram Stories, but I’m so glad that I attended and invested in myself!”  

Monica Britton, @bgoconline Founder of Black Girl on Campus 

"10 out of 10."

"Kat broke down the information into digestible, bite-sized pieces — it allowed me to truly learn, attain and apply what was being taught.  

Thanks to Kat for taking away my frustration and getting me excited about my content again! I can’t wait to deliver more value to my online community."  

Karlyn Percil, @karlynpercil Founder of The Success Planner

86% of students rated the value of this training 9 out of 10 or higher

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